Standard Treatments

There are numerous topical preparations available on the market to treat nail fungus, and dozens available over the internet we find these have an almost negligible cure rate.

There are also oral preparations that may be taken these again have a low cure rate (around 40%) although this is higher than the topical preparations. When you weigh up the side effects versus the possible benefits you will probably come to the conclusion that they are not worth taking to treat nail fungus.

The big problem with these medications is the side effects that they can cause, they are toxic to the liver and some patients also report a change in smell and taste sensations just to name a few of the side effects they can cause.

Other options include surgically removing the nail and cleaning the tissue under the nail when the nail plate has been removed. This is a procedure we carried out for 12 years. The results are about the same as laser, however it is a painful procedure and open foot wear must be worn for around 10 days.