Plantar warts, warts or as they are sometimes known verrucae pedis are all viral infections of the foot.

Plantar warts may infect the bottom of the foot they are causes by a virus which infects the epidermis (the top layer of skin). Like all viruses, they are contagious and can be easily spread from one person to another. Untreated these can spread over the entire sole, they can grow to a couple of centimeters.
Plantar warts, can become extremely painful, large numbers of plantar warts on the foot may cause difficulty running and even walking. Warts around and under your nails are much more difficult to cure than warts elsewhere. Some warts will disappear without treatment, although it can sometimes take a couple years. However it is often not worth waiting as they do not always resolve and the problem will be greater in 2 years.
We can generally diagnose warts simply by their location and appearance. Over the counter medications might remove some warts, however it is worth while to seek our  advice before using these. These are applied to the wart every day for several weeks. Stronger (prescription) medications may be required for removal of persistent warts. Surgical removal or removal by freezing, burning with electrocautery, or laser treatment may be needed.
Warts are a special  interest of ours and we have a very high resolution rate with these if you suffer from this problem we will probably will be able to help.

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