Podiatrist Melbourne

Podiatrist Melbourne

Thank you for visiting the website for Brighton Podiatry, we hope you will gain a better understanding of what a Podiatrist does, if you have not already visited a Podiatrist in Melbourne before.

A Podiatrist is a university qualified health care professional that specializes in all problems of the foot and ankle. We deal with a wide range of patients including children, athletes, diabetic patients and every one in between.

Common conditions we deal with include Treatment of Plantar Warts, Orthotics including GAIT Analysis, Toenails infected with fungus (nail fungus), Ingrown toenails, Routine foot care and many other conditions.

In this website we have tried to write about the more common conditions that a Melbourne Podiatrist may deal with however, it is by no means all we deal with. Podiatrists are trained in minor surgical techniques and are qualified in the administering of local anesthetics.

Brighton Podiatry was initially set up in 1985 it is run by Kim and Greg Bastin both are qualified Podiatrists that trained at Latrobe University in Melbourne. Both Kim and Greg have special interests within the profession, at Brighton podiatry we are one of the most technologically advanced Podiatry clinics for treatment of foot related problems in Melbourne.  We use video GAIT analysis as well as pressure plotting to get a much better idea of exactly when and where pressure peaks  occur on your foot. Most of the casting we use for orthotics is now done on computer rather than using the old plaster casting technique. We also employ the use of Laser to treat all sorts of foot problems.

 Podiatrist Melbourne

If you are suffering foot pain or have problems with your feet and you need a podiatrist Melbourne take the first step to end your foot pain call Brighton Podiatry and make an appointment to discuss your foot problems, call 9592 9000.

podiatrist melbourne
Brighton Podiatry

If you are looking for a great Podiatrist Melbourne give us a call.