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Just a little more information about us at Brighton Podiatry our clinic is located in Melbourne very close to the Middle Brighton Railway station we have 2 Podiatrists that work at the surgery they are Kim and Greg.

Kim graduated from LaTrobe University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science in Podiatry she also has completed a Graduate Diploma in Podiatry. Kim has 3 grown children and is very interested in dealing with children’s feet including conditions such as in toeing, toe walking, excessive pronation. Kim has studied and completed a Postgraduate Degree in Podiatry. Kim feels cannot stress enough how important it is for parents have their children’s feet checked, it is important to have a child’s feet checked at about two and a half years of age, or even earlier if there are any concerns with a child’s walking or general appearance of their feet.

Greg graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Podiatry and has done further education in Podiatry the United States Including numerous courses in Biomechanics and Foot Surgery. Greg is interested in all aspects of Podiatry with a major emphasis on Surgery. Many patients put up with minor irritations like sore nails, there are ways of stopping this sort of irritating pain. Greg is also interested in Warts this is a condition many people suffer from, often treatment is not sought early enough this makes a relatively simple problem much more complex we can now use laser to treat many cases of Plantar warts with great results. Greg also is interested in Nail fungus and is one of the first Podiatrists to use Laser Treatment for this condition this is a very common condition leaving the patient with a nail that is rather unsightly. Many people do not realise that it is possible to treat this condition successfully.

Brighton Podiatry

At Brighton Podiatry our aim is to give the best patient care possible using the most up to date treatments and equipment, we are always approachable regarding any problem you may have with your feet. We look forward to discussing any foot problem or foot pain you may have.

Brighton Podiatry

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