Heel Pain Treatment

Heel Pain Treatment


Heel pain can be an extremely annoying problem it can prevent patients from their day to day activities. It is a problem that you DON’T have to suffer there are modern treatments available that are extremely fast and effective relief without resorting to drugs such as steroids. We can offer most patients quick relief from their symptoms.

Heel pain can be caused by several things so it is important to firstly have the correct diagnosis made before commencing any sort of heel pain treatment. One of the most important things is to seek treatment early, many patients will leave it far too long before seeking treatment and fast outcomes will only occur if the treatment takes place early.

Some of the more common causes of heel pain are enthesopathy this is an inflammatory reaction where the plantar fascia inserts into the calcaneus (the heel bone) there is too much traction (or pulling) at this insertion point and it sets up an inflammatory process. Patients will often complain of pain that is worst in the morning but the pain will settle slightly as the day goes on. Heel pain treatment for this condition if commenced early can resolve the pain in as little as a week, however if not treated for a long period the pain may become more intense and a patient may develop a heel spur. This is basically a bony projection at the point where the plantar fascia meets the heel bone, heel pain treatment for this condition although still successful in reducing the pain can take much longer.

Some other conditions that can cause heel pain include a bruised heel this typically is caused by a hard blow to the heel . Heel pain treatment for this includes rest and icing will initially help.

Other conditions that may cause heel pain include micro tears in the posterior part of the plantar fascia the body tries to heal these but it can take some time for this to occur. We can however speed up this process making the time you suffer this pain much less.

At Brighton Podiatry we are the most technologically advanced Podiatry clinic in Melbourne to help with heel pain treatment. We have the latest equipment to help speed up heel pain treatment,  in fact with most patients we can offer considerable relief to heel pain in just one visit. If you are battling problems with heel pain you do not need to suffer we can help you.


Heel Pain Treatment

Give us a call and schedule an appointment today advise the receptionist that you need heel pain treatment, we are sure that we can offer you almost immediate pain relief so you can get on with your busy life without having to suffer this debilitating pain in your heel.


heel pain treatment

suffertin heel pain we can help


Heel Pain Treatment

Other Treatments

Some other things that are available for heel pain treatment include the injecting of cortisone to the area this has short term benefits but does not do anything to help the problem long term, it is extremely painful and depending on the skill of the practitioner the results may range from a few days of relief to around a month. The problem with this form of heel pain treatment is when the cortisone wears off you are often in more pain than when you started. Long term use of cortisone has some risks and we suggest if you go down this path do not have more than one or two shots of cortisone.

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